Paso Por Paso is a small charity (based in Orillia, Ontario, Canada) dedicated to helping Mayan people in the Panajachel-Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. PASO assists the Tierra Linda village school, sponsors children in various area schools, provides micro loans to Tierra Linda women, and generally focuses its interest on education. PASO cooperates with Mayan Families charity, with Canadian groups doing similar work, and with many residents of Panajachel.

PASO is a registered Canadian charity founded by eight retired teachers from Orillia, Ontario.

CONTACTS: David Rapson, Treasurer, 4223 Line 12 N, RR2 Coldwater, ON, Canada, L0K1E0 (drapson@encode.com); Patricia Pretty, 3749 Cedar Rapids Dr., RR2 Orillia, ON, L3V6H2; Fayne & Catherine Bullen, 40 Dalton Cres. S., Orillia, ON; MaryLou Amos,RR2 Coldwater,ON; Marjorie Tomlin, Orillia, ON

DONATIONS: PASO issues Canadian tax credit receipts for donations over $20.

email us at pasoporpasorillia@gmail.com


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